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Chapter Six: Barbamon's Plot
In the Dark Area, Beelzemon had just returned and flopped into his room when a certain other Demon Lord sauntered in to see him.
"Hello, Beelzemon," Lillithmon said in a seductive voice. "How was the outside?"
"Get lost, Lillithmon," he snapped. "I really don't like you, and I never have."
"Don't be like that…" she said, walking over to him.
Beelzemon's eyes flashed in anger as he lifted his Berenjena shotgun at her. "If you don't leave, we're gonna have to have a membership drive."
"Why's that?" she asked 'innocently'.
"You'll be dead."
Lillithmon gulped out of fear and backed away.
"Go play with Daemon or Barbamon, Lillithmon. Just leave me alone!"
"Fine," she said stiffly. Lillithmon walked out of his room, and Beelzemon locked the door after her. "Man, she's a real jerk. Not kind and not nearly as beautiful as Kuzuhamon," he said quietly. Kuzuha's funny and smart…though a little naïve……she's beautiful and elegant…kind…she's perfect…Beelzemon thought. Images of the fox woman fluttered through his mind and heart, making his heart race. Dang. I have to stop thinking about her……but I can't! She's just too……beautiful! She's too perfect…man, I really am the Demon Lord of 'gluttony', just like Leviamon said. I wanted pride, but nooooooooo, Lucemon is the Lord of Pride. I guess Leviamon was right; I am a glutton – for punishment! I can't stop thinking about her……but I don't want her to be targeted! Why me?
Meanwhile, in Barbamon's quarters, a Knightmon and a Blackrapidmon went through a final Digivolution process into Chaosgallantmon and Blackmegagargomon. Then, the capsules opened and the former Blackagumon and Gazimon stepped out of the units and kneeled before the mastermind Digimon.
"Lord Barbamon," the two of them said.
"Chaosgallantmon, Blackmegagargomon," Barbamon began. "Your companion, Kuzuhamon, betrayed the group and escaped. She wishes to bring you down and take your powers for her own. She has betrayed our trust, and wants to thwart your attempts to become powerful. You must bring her in so we can make her see the error of her ways, or take her Fractal Code and bring me her DigiEgg so we can remove her malign instincts that want to bring about your downfall. Will the two of you do this to save her?"
"Yes, my lord!" the two of them said, running out of the room.
"Interesting…" Daemon said from the shadows. "Not only did you morph them to Mega form, but you also successfully brainwashed the two of them. Why didn't it work on Kuzuhamon?"
"Simple – she's a holy Digimon. She was more resistant to the process."
"Yes, there is that. I hope that after they delete Kuzuhamon, the two of them will be enough to defeat those accursed Tamers," Daemon said.
"It'll have to be enough," Barbamon told him. "While I would have preferred Kuzuhamon to be under my command, what we have should suffice."
"So it would seem," the Demon Lord of Wrath told the Demon Lord of Greed.
Short chapter is short. I should be posting the next chapter soon.

Gods, I WISH I owned this stuff......only the plot is mine.
About the Digimon lines......

EDIT: The names are all links now.
And I know that none of these are official, but I did my best to preserve something that could tie the lines together.
And I know...'viruses are evil'.
Ya know what? Impmon, Wizardmon, Wormmon, and the adorable little Guilmon are Viruses. Deal with it.



(See a theme anyone?)

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MitzvahRose Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Awesome story I just had to comment on something. I have nothing against viruses, in fact, I really like the Impmon from Digimon Tamers, but Wizardmon is not a virus, he's a data.
Sorry, just had to mention that. Good story all the same, please continue it soon! :)
AnimeRolePlayer71 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2010
Nice. I like this chapter. It's well written.
Agrotera-Thanatos Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Barbamon is indeed evil, isn't he?
Those poor kids...
AnimeRolePlayer71 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2010
Agrotera-Thanatos Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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